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 ESCO Lighting Tower


Powered by Perkins Diesel Engine, the lighting tower provides outstanding light for your temporary work environments, sporting events and other stations. It's based on a concept that has been successfully used the market for a long time. With ESCO lighting tower you get everything you need to setup a temporary light source, a metallic enclosure with an electrical cubical for control and protection, a motorized raised mast that extends vertically up to 8 meters, stabilization legs, and an on-road undercarriage.


Telescopic, mechanical, 3stages mast up to 6 meters

New unique high pressure aluminum lamps

Heavy-duty winch design and integral forklift pockets

Manual winch for raising and lowering mast.

Light bar 180 degrees electrical waving.

Tower rotates 360 degrees

Manual winch for extending and retracing mast

Separate Lockable, weather protected, powder – coated steel doors.

Emergency shutdown protection.

Residual current device (RCD) protection  (optional)

Individual breaker switch for each light assembly.

Auxiliary big fuel tank (optional)

Retractable draw bar

Hand brake with ring or ball hitch (optional).

Five out rigger support legs.


Mining, construction and tunnel applications.

Defense operations.

Airport and wharfs.

Disaster relief and emergency application


Perkins Engine Model (403A-15G)

Stamford (PI044G)

Deep Sea 6010

Emergency Shutdown button

Power supply outlet

Individual breaker switch for each light


75dB@7m sound isolation.

5 cm isolation thickness.

80 L fuel tank

4 support lifting


Telescopic, mechanical 3 stage up to 6 meters

Tower rotates 360 degrees

Four halogen 4x400 W Lamps

Auto/manual winch for raising and lowering mast.

Anti-rusting painting for the whole tower light.

Five out rigger support leg.

13") wheels and one rotating wheel.

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